Calling Unregistered C# DLL ACUCOBOL

I have tried to call a dll using different methods in COBOL.

I am able to create a com object of the dll and call it. The problem here is that the dll needs to be registered by either regasm, gacutil or put somewhere locally.

The best scenario is to place the dll somewhere, which does not require administrative permissions to manage. 

Is it possible to call a dll from a network drive?

The reason for this is to make the support of that dll and future dll's as minimal as possible, which would mean an easy way to distribute and update the dll.


I have tried:

  1. Calling directly, when the dll is stored somewhere in the code-prefix
    • Call “GetHTML.DLL” *this seems to be working according to the log-file”*
    • Call “GetList” using by reference param1, param2….  *This is not working* GetList is a method within the dll.
  2. Creating a com object and using the create/modify statement, this works, but it requires registering the dll somewhere, which is not a viable solution.


I  have attached an example of the dll and the def file used to create the com object.

The alternative is to create an exe file instead, but calling an exe file using c$system. This works, but it does not provide the same feedback as the dll would.

Any help is appreciated