C$Copy and W$Progressdialog

Has anyone ever used W$PROGRESSDIALOG to track C$COPY or are there any examples of how this is used? 

In my test program, regardless of how long the C$COPY takes, the progress bar does not open until the copy finishes. At that point it opens, progress goes from 0 to 100% and then it closes. 

From reading the documentation it seemed that setting WPROGRESSDIALOG-C-COPY before I begin the copy would mean there is no need to use WPROGRESSDIALOG-SET-PROGRESS. I've also tested with a call to WPROGRESSDIALOG-RESET-TIMER before the copy but there is no change. 

Below is the code I am currently using.


perform Progress-Setup.

call "C$COPY" using src-file-name(1:src-fn-sz)
     giving fileops-status

perform Progress-Destroy.




| create progressdialog
call "w$progressdialog" using WPROGRESSDIALOG-CREATE,
"message during cancel"
giving pd-handle.

| monitor c$copy
call "w$progressdialog" using WPROGRESSDIALOG-C-COPY,


call "w$progressdialog" using WPROGRESSDIALOG-DESTROY

  • Looking at your call to C$COPY it does not appear you are using C$COPY for a Thin Client file copy, which would look like this:

     call "c$copy" using "bigfile" "@[display]:tempfile"

    WPROGRESSDIALOG-C-COPY - monitors the progress of the C$COPY when transferring files to or from a remote machine in a thin client environment.