increasing overhead memory

In Extend version 10.1 (wrun32) there seems to be a memory leak.
I have a program that calls many COBOL subroutines. This process is repeated very often. The COBOL subroutines should be removed from the memory after every run with "cancel all". After the program has run for several hours, it crashes without further error message. The only hint can be found in the error file via the runtime switch "-e errfile". There is "out of memory".
During several debug attempts, I could see that the overhead memory is constantly and strongly growing.
Does anyone have any advice on how the overhead memory can be freed?
  • Use the debugger, and monitor the memory usage (using the U command) at various places

    Note that the problem could be a runtime memory leak. It could just as easily be a memory leak caused by the program not freeing some resource it is allocating. The U command will suggest that as a possibility (if the memory usage increases continuously), and the memory descriptions would tell Customer Care exactly what memory is not being freed.
  • I already have monitored the memory usage with the U command.
    The memory usage for programs/files and windows remains almost unchanged, so there is no problem.
    Only the memory usage for Overhead increases continuously.
    In my understanding, the cancel of a program should normally release the entire memory occupied by it.
    All subroutines are Cobol programs that do not use any external resources.
    I have also tried to create an ACU_DUMP. Unfortunately this does not work, when the memory runs out.