Problems with acuthin 10.1: ACCEPT recursion limit reached

This week I changed a customer installation with 150 users to acuthin / acurcl / wrun32 version 10.1 patch ATW (Apr 3) 4474.

There are new unexpected problems compared to version 10.0.1.

The first problem:
The error "Accept recursion limit reached" occurs very quickly in programs with grasping possibilities in the grid. I suspect that it is because the event procedure is incorrectly terminated in the Thinclient environment and the runtime reverts to the Accept. There the program runs into the "on exception" routine.

To suppress the warning message about the configuration variable warning_on_recursive_accepts is not really a solution.

Second Problem:

Our program consists of a main program, which calls the subprograms via "call thread". If the subprogram falls back on the accept after the "finish-entry routine", the runtime automatically sets the focus on the main program and The subprogram must be brought back to the foreground by mouseclick.

Shjerpe, can you help?