32 bit and 64 bit performance

Hello team

I m facing a issue with with 64 bit and 32 bit acucobol. to being with we were initially using acu cobol 6 32 bit  and the processing time took around 3-4 hrs but after we did a migration to acu 9 64 bit the time frame has increased to 10-12 hrs 

this is a client server environment,both have acu 9 64 bit , we had to recompile the acu 6 files to acu 9 but this hasn't help.. 

some one please assist .... 

  • Have you contact Customer Care? When you did the migration, did you change your Vision files, from Version # to a later version. Was the V 6 using shared drives for file access? As you changed from V 6 to V 9 did you upgrade the O/S, the later Microsoft O/S have placed more limitations on shared drive access. Have you tried Version 9 32 bit? Is it possible that your code is calling "something" that only executes as 32 bit? I would try V 9 32 bit, see what the processing times are and then go to 64 bit, but you should run some traces on both so you can compare what is going on.