Decimal Point

How can i  represent a number with decimal point the period and with no point for thousands. like this 1000.85

  • i tryed

              MODIFY olWrkSh Range(TARGET)::NumberFormat = "0.00".


              MODIFY olWrkBk @Application::DecimalSeparator IS "."

    but i still get comma "," for decimals.

  • Γεια σου Γιώργο (Hi George)

    try setting the UseSystemSeparators property of Application to False

    in VBA:

    Application.UseSystemSeparators = False

    in Cobol it should be something like:

    MODIFY olWrkBk @Application::UseSystemSeparators IS False

  • when i had to set the Decimal Seperator it looks like this:

              create  @Application of @Excel handle in xls-app.

              modify  xls-app    workbooks::Add() giving  xls-book.

              modify  xls-app    @VISIBLE = 1.

              modify  xls-app    @DecimalSeparator   = ",".

              modify  xls-app    @ThousandsSeparator = ".".

  • There is the DECIMAL_POINT IS COMMA configuration variable - here is the excerpt from the documentation:



    This configuration variable sets the character to be used as the program's decimal point. Follow it with the desired character. If you use this variable to set the decimal point to a comma, then the place and function of the decimal point and comma are reversed (just like the phrase DECIMAL_POINT IS COMMA). The default is to use the decimal point specified by the program's source.

    Note: You do not have to change the value of DECIMAL_POINT to match the decimal point used by floating point values received from external components. The runtime automatically makes the correct adjustment.


    It does change what is used as the decimal point globally for the runtime during it's execution.