Modify grid-color with background-rgb

According to the documentation the phrase background-rgb applies also to grids.

So I tried to modify a row but the compiler (v10.0) does not like it:

modify my-grid y = 5

row-color background-rgb x#eec300.

Am I doing it wrong or does it simply not work ?

  • The issue is that there is no value asociated with row-color. If you remove that property or provide that property with a value, your modify statement will compile. Try row-color some-value background-rgb x#eec300.
  • Hello shjerpe,

    the good news is: now the compiler accepts my code - thanks.

    But the result is still not what I've expected.

    modify my-grid y = 5

    row-color 1 background-rgb x#eec300

    does not change the color of my row.

    Is there a sample program or a documentation for this phrase or has anybody worked with background-rgb ?

  • color 1 is a foreground color - I bet if you type into a cell on row 5 you'll see a different color(than black) for letters and numbers.

    I tried this modify Screen1-Gd-1 y=3 row-color 255
    BACKGROUND-RGB x#eec300
    the 3rd row is a brownish and the rest of the grid is blue (except for headings - they have their own color and property).
    I hope this helps