Grid with headers and cols-spanned


we need a grid with 2 lines of col-headings (no problem with NUM-COL-HEADINGS) but the cells of the first line should span over 3 cols of the second and all other lines of the grid.

Is this possible ? If so, please tell us how.

If not, how would you solve this problem ?

  • Hi,

    that looks quite interesting even if it's not the solution to my current problem. How did you do it ?

    Perhaps your solution can manage a grid like this ?

          |     Blue         |     Red          |    White         |
    A0001 |    2|     8|   -6|    0|     0|    0|   25|     0|   25|
    A0002 |   13|     2|   11|    0|     0|    0|    0|    10|  -10|



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    my example can be done to break a column.

                       display-columns    (
                                             1,  11,  18,  28,  65,  78,
                                            82,  90,  94, 107, 116, 125,
                                           134, 143, 152,   1,  11,  94,
                                           107, 116, 125, 134, 143, 152,
                                           163, 176, 187, 191

    Your Example can't be handled with a grid alone.


    In the past i used 2 ways to get somethin like this realized.

    2 grids - one only the first Header line

    with Labels

                   05  label "LJ", col  52,2, size 31,4, lines 1,2,
                       color 303, center, font bbig-font.

                   05  label "VJ", col  83,6, size 28,8, lines 1,2,
                       color 303, center, font bbig-font.


    The 2 grid solution was my first way to handle it. I think with Labels it is the better way to handle the problem.


  • Hi,

    sorry for the late reply but we had to discuss and test the different options first.

    Your solutions are perfect for grids without HSCROLL and with no adjustable columns.

    As we have both of these options we had to figure out something new based on your suggestion with the two grids ... and it looks pretty good.

    Thanks a lot for your support.

  • Then you must use the 2grid Solution.

    you can inquire the columns size after resizing and take the new values for the other grid.

    same for the Scrolling Position.

    inquire the column size give only the value from the current "cell". For adjusting you have to compute the complete grid with all the values... example:

              move 1 to artgrid-col(1).

              perform varying idx from 1 by 1 until idx > 31

                 compute idx2 = idx 1 end-compute

                 compute artgrid-col(idx2) =





              modify data-grid

                     display-columns ( artgrid-col(1)

































  • Thanks for claryfying.

    But we had problems with scrolling horizontally because the grid doesn't create any event/exception.

    Do you know how to scroll the title grid when the user scrolls the main grid ?

  • when the grid doesn't create an Event/exception then the next step for me where to deactivate the grid-scrolling bar and use an own Scrolling-bar.