Main Menu maximized with a background image

Hi, I´m starting a new release of my management system to include improves and modify the appearence. 

Starting with the main menu, I'm looking for how to get the main menu with a background picture and open it totally maximized for the first time.

Something like this:


Could somebody guide me?

Thnks in advance


  • If you take a screen and add a bitmap that takes up most of the screen the menu will drop down over the bitmap.

    Is this what you are asking? Or are you asking for the menu to be shown as soon as the screen displays?

  • Hi shjerpe, thanks for your time.

    I tried this but I thougt I could include the picture as I can do in a

    button modifying a property or something.

    My idea is when the user start the system the first thing he'd see is a

    background image with the menu options closed (only the menu names) and

    while the user is working everything drop down or is opened over the image.

    Something like the image you send me with the module main closed.

    Please let me know your thougts

  • I had activated my menu so that you could se that the menu drops down above the bitmap image. Normally, the display would look like this. 

    Menu items can have keyboard shortcuts, so the m in main menu could appear to have an underline, the user uses alt m and that menu opens up above the bitmap image

  • Thank you shjerpe I'll do this.

    Regading how can I get this screen totally maximized could you help me?

    I mean, actually when I tried to maximize my system It only maximize the window itself

  • You might want to read up on the Layout Manager in the docs. If you use the layout manager, when your screen are enlarged the controls and text can be automatically enlarged, and when the screen is reduced the controls and text can automatically be reduced.

    Or you can use



    based on these values you can move values into your line and column settings for your window, controls as well as choose an appropriate font.

  • Verified Answer

    Here is a very simple example of using a layout manager:

          program-id.  test1.

          working-storage section.

          77  key-status is special-names crt status pic 9(5).

               88  ok-button-pressed value 13.

               88  cancel-button-pressed value 27.

          copy "lmresize.def".

          screen section.

          01  screen-1.

              03  label "Test screen", line 2, col 2.

              03  push-button, ok-button, line 2, col 70,

              layout-data = rlm-move-x-any.

              03  push-button, cancel-button, line 4, col 70

              layout-data = rlm-move-x-any.

              03  entry-field, line 4, col 2, size 65, lines 17 cells,

               layout-data = rlm-resize-both-any.

          procedure division.


              display standard graphical window

                 background-low, resizable,

                 min-size = 25

                 layout-manager = lm-resize.

              display screen-1.

              accept screen-1

               until ok-button-pressed or cancel-button-pressed.

              stop run.