Using an OCX/COM provided to communicate with a webservice


First to all, I must say: I´d never used OCX. 


Now I´m fighting to add to my system a requirement wich let me offer a solution to a client.

This requirement is : To update the status and location of some particular medicines (oncologic, VIH, etc)  in a web service ensuring the trazability by the serial number included in this medicines by a data matrix code.

The web service comes from an organism called ANMAT (  who rules this, so, to sell or move a one of this medicines the client (Hospital, Pharmacy, Provider, etc) must update the status in.


I'm no prepared to create it from the beginning, so I found some supports who offers me an interface (with a cost I could pay) which work with an OCX to do this task and obtain a transaction number.

They send me this example in VB to try to understand how it work:


Dim TrazaMed As Object, ok As Variant

' Create the interface COM
Set TrazaMed = CreateObject("TrazaMed")

' Set security credentials
TrazaMed.Username = "testwservice"
TrazaMed.Password = "testwservicepsw"

' Conect to server (test)
ok = TrazaMed.Conectar()

' test data
usuario = "pruebasws": Password = "pruebasws"
f_evento = "25/11/2011": h_evento = "04:24"
gln_origen = "glnws": gln_destino = "glnws"
n_remito = "1234": n_factura = "1234"
vencimiento = "30/11/2011": gtin = "GTIN1": lote = "1111"
numero_serial = "12348": id_obra_social = "": id_evento = 133
cuit_origen = "20267565393": cuit_destino = "20267565393":
apellido = "Reingart": nombres = "Mariano"
tipo_docmento = "96": n_documento = "26756539": sexo = "M"
direccion = "Saraza": numero = "1234": piso = "": depto = ""
localidad = "Hurlingham": provincia = "Buenos Aires"
n_postal = "B1688FDD": fecha_nacimiento = "01/01/2000"
telefono = "5555-5555"

' Send data and process results:
ok = TrazaMed.SendMedicamentos(usuario, Password, _
                     f_evento, h_evento, gln_origen, gln_destino, _
                     n_remito, n_factura, vencimiento, gtin, lote, _
                     numero_serial, id_obra_social, id_evento, _
                     cuit_origen, cuit_destino, apellido, nombres, _
                     tipo_docmento, n_documento, sexo, _
                     direccion, numero, piso, depto, localidad, provincia, _
                     n_postal, fecha_nacimiento, telefono)

Debug.Print "Resultado:", TrazaMed.Resultado
Debug.Print "CodigoTransaccion:", TrazaMed.CodigoTransaccion
For Each er In TrazaMed.Errores
     MsgBox er, vbExclamation, "Error!"
MsgBox "Resultado: " & TrazaMed.Resultado & vbCrLf & _
        "CodigoTransaccion: " & TrazaMed.CodigoTransaccion, _
        vbInformation, "Resultado"


¿ My question is how to do this wit ACU?


If  somebody could give some guidance with this I'd appreciate that