Using an .exe as a pre-processor reports "file not found"

When i use a cobol program as a pre-processor it works;
ccbl32 -pg 'wrun32 nppp.acu' test40.cbl

When i use a binary (.exe) program as a pre-processor;

ccbl32 -v -pg debug test40.cbl

It reports;

Start debug
debug.exe file not found

Even though the .exe is in the current folder

Directory of V:\vb\debug\bin\Debug

09/06/2021 09:05 AM <DIR> .
09/06/2021 09:05 AM <DIR> ..
09/06/2021 07:49 AM 1,100 connect.sqd
09/06/2021 09:05 AM 10,240 debug.exe
08/06/2021 01:18 PM 189 debug.exe.config
09/06/2021 09:05 AM 40,448 debug.pdb
09/06/2021 09:05 AM 655 debug.xml
09/06/2021 08:52 AM 81,502 out
09/06/2021 08:47 AM 81,502 test40.cbl
7 File(s) 215,636 bytes
2 Dir(s) 1,912,336,302,080 bytes free

  • Good morning,

    This is probably due to the new security restrictions introduced by the Microsoft OS's.
    What Windows system are you working on?

    Possible workarounds (and confirmation to this) are:
    - try using the full path for debug.exe in your command-line
    - try testing the same operation, but having everything installed on C:\ rather than on V:\

    Solutions and explanations are available on-line.


    Claudio Contardi
    Product Support Engineer, Senior
    Micro Focus

  • Thanks for the info
    I have tried it on the C: drive and using a full path name on the C: drive wihout success
    When i copy my program to C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\extend 10.0.1\AcuGT\bin it does work but i would like to avoid having to do that if possible