Auto-resize image in a bitmap button


Good morning,

I have this problem: I use in the form a push button with a bitmap inside, but if I apply a new resolution to the screen or if I modify the dimensions of the button, the image of the bitmap do not automatically changes and do not follows the new dimension of the button that contains it.

I found the BITMAP-SCALE directive in various discussion, that I note is valid from the version 10.3.1 of Acucobol, but i don't think that is the right solution because -from wthat I understand- it do not affects on BITMAP BUTTON, it only modifies the scale of the object/controls: BITMAP IMAGE.

Is what I have understood about BITMAP-SCALE correct?  Is there a solution to auto-resize the image of the bitmap conteined in a BITMAP PUSH BUTTON when it modifies its dimensions? I am using the Version 9.2.5 of Acucobol-GT

Thanks to all for the help