Created On:  08 October 2010



After completing the installation the user attempted to test the installation using the asql utility. However, asql returned the following error:

$ ./

                  VORTEXsql - Simple Interactive SQL.
                        Version - Production.
Copyright Copyright 1989-2008, Trifox, Inc., California, USA.
                       All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

***** asql ERROR: DLLLOAD: acuxdbc04, cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory



In versions of AcuXDBC prior to 8.1 and as noted in the documentation the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable required that the location of the only the bin directory of the installation be specified. However, version 8.1 and later also require that the installation lib directory also be specified in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

This is an example of LD_LIBRARY_PATH in version 8.1 and later:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/acucorp/810/bin;/opt/acucorp/810/lib