Table undefined error with AcuXDBC via VB.Net program



A VB .NET application has worked fine without error using AcuODBC, with AcuXDBC it now gets this error:

An unhandled exception has occurred.

ERROR [HY000][TOD][ODBC][GENESIS]VISION: Table 'tablename' undefined.Record not found.


AcuODBC referred to tables by the base name only.  AcuXDBC uses the concept of owner, so the tables are referred to by owner.tablename.

There are two possible resolutions:

The first is to modify the VB.Net programs to include the owner in the table name. To determine the ownership of the tables start the AcuXDBC SQL interface by executing "asql" from a Windows command prompt.  At the SQL prompt execute this query:

   select t_owner, t_name from genesis_tables;

The other way is to add the XFDs to the system catalog using -o " ", and turn on the IGNORE_OWNER configuration in acuxdbc.cfg. See Section 4.2.8 of the AcuXDBC documentation for more details on that configuration.  This will allow the tables to be referred to by just the base table name the way they were with AcuODBC.  Note that adding a table without an owner precludes the use of datase level security, ie GRANT and DENY.

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