Created On:  18 March 2011


At Runtime the OPEN INPUT gives an error 37,08.  When compiling the program a warning is raised "open input or i-o used for print file" but the file isn't a print file.  The file is defined as a line sequential file but not a PRINT file.

           select lineseq
                 assign to lineseq-name
                 organization is line sequential
                 file status is fs.

       fd lineseq.
       01 lineseq-rec pic x(10).


File status 37,08 and the compile warning will be seen when the program includes a "WRITE… AFTER…" for that file.  The "AFTER" phrase causes the file to be seen as a PRINT file and should be used only with print files.  Removing the AFTER phrase from all WRITE statements will resolve the compile warning and the runtime error.