XFDs - changing the order of keys



How to change the order of keys in .xfd file?


Use -Ck compiler flag:

This flag causes the compiler to generate key numbers for indexed file alternate keys in a different order. Key numbers are used internally by the compiler and runtime to identify a key. Normally, you do not need to know the key number for a particular key, or care about the order in which they are generated. By default, the compiler sorts the alternate keys in record order before assigning key numbers. This ensures that the keys are given the same number regardless of the ordering in the file's SELECT. Specifying "-Ck" causes the compiler to assign key numbers in the SELECT order.

For most applications, the order in which key numbers are assigned is irrelevant. This option provides compatibility with some other COBOL compilers. This could be helpful when you are sharing data files between ACUCOBOL-GT based programs and programs compiled with these other systems.

[2008-07-11  11:24:23 AM Claudio Contardi]

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