C$XML - return-code always 0 when parsing a file over the internet



Using Acu8.0 on Windows, attempting to use C$XML to access XML data over the internet for the first time (previously processed XML files locally).

In a program that tries to open the results of an XML query - the return-code is always returned as 0, and the error indicates "Invalid XML file or other parsing error".  Yet, when that exact text (in the XML filename) is entered into Internet Explorer, the expected response is returned.


This problem will be resolved in version 9.0 by Engineering Change Notice (ECN) 3824.

When parsing an XML file using C$XML with a file from a URL, the runtime could fail to read the file from the remote server, thus causing the parse to fail.  This was due to the remote web server not specifying a text length, which was due to C$XML specifying HTTP 1.1.

The work-around for the issue is to download the file and parse it locally instead of accessing it remotely.

Old KB# 2779
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