WIN$PRINTER USING WINPRINT-SETUP does not work on Windows Vista



Using the library routine WIN$PRINTER with the op-code WINPRINT-SETUP does not work on Windows Vista.


Microsoft has changed a configuration flag to now be obsolete.  Here is documentation from Microsoft's website:

"PSD_DISABLEPRINTER Obsolete.  Microsoft Windows XP and earlier: Disables the Printer button, preventing the user from invoking a dialog box that contains additional printer setup information."

This configuration flag, which was never implemented by ACUCOBOL-GT, is now obsolete.  The documentation from Microsoft does not state what happens when PSD_DISABLEPRINTER is not used, however it appears to be always "on" which inhibits being able to pick a printer.

To work around this behavior with Vista use the WINPRINT-SETUP-OLD or WINPRINT-SETUP-EX (available in version 8.0.0 and later) options of WIN$PRINTER.

Old KB# 2754
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