acushare - Multiple versions of acushare on the same Unix system



On some systems it may be desirable to have more than one version of the Acucorp product suite operating concurrently. However, doing so may cause concerns about compatibility in license management using multiple versions of the acushare utility concurrently.


In version 7.0, the acushare utility, which provides shared memory and licensing management, has been rewritten to use network sockets (rather than the previous IPC message queues). Due to this change, old and new versions of acushare may run simultaneously on the same system. However, acushare versions 6.x and earlier cannot be used with extend7 or extend8 products. Conversely, acushare versions 7.x and 8.x cannot be used with pre-extend7 products.

Each version of acushare must be installed in and started from separate directories.


/opt/acucorp/610/bin/acushare -start

/opt/acucorp/700/bin/acushare -start

Note in the example below that the IPC key has changed and acushare no longer creates an entry in the IPC message queue.

usr1@unix1:/opt/acucorp/700/bin> ipcs

------ Shared Memory Segments --------

key                  &nb sp;shmid        owner        

0x41435521    196611      techsup   (acushare version 7.0)  

0x01dcf4c9     229380      techsup    ( acushare version 6.1)

------ Message Queues --------

key                msqid &nbs p;    owner   

0x01dcf4c9   0             techsup         (acushare version 6.1)

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