config85.c - Removing NO_SOCKETS



Commenting out the NO_SOCKETS variable in the config85.c and then relinking the runtime the Acu the products no longer function as they cannot communicate with the AcuShare license manager.


In version 7.0 and later when making changes to the config85.c do not make changes to the NO_SOCKETS section.  Acushare needs the sockets to communicate so if the sockets are remove the products will no longer function.

/* If you set NO_SOCKETS to 1, then the runtime will not need to link   */

/* with any sockets libraries.  Note that CLIENT and ACUCONNECT both    */

/* require sockets, so setting this to 1 will automatically imply       */

/* NO_ACUCONNECT and NO_CLIENT.                 &nbsp ;                   &n bsp;   */

#ifndef NO_SOCKETS

#define NO_SOCKETS              0

#endif  /* NO_SOCKETS */

The above section of config85.c should not be modified.

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