Created On:  22 July 2010


Would it be possible for a (non-COBOL) application to connect to XDB (MFE/MFE test server) while that application normally connects DB2 via DB2Connect? Can XDB present itself outwards as “just another DB2 node”?


Assuming the non-COBOL application uses ODBC, the client could use the XDB ODBC driver delivered with MFE to create another ODBC DSN to connect to an XDB location Using DB2 Connect without ODBC, you cannot connect to XDB.  DB2 Connect is a DRDA Application Requestor (DRDA/AR).  z/OS DB2 is a DRDA Application Server (DRDA/AS).  The XDB Link is also a DRDA/AR like DB2 Connect; but the XDB Server is not a DRDA/AS and therefore won’t appear as “just another DB2 node”.