AcuXDBC v/8.0 how can it be setup to contact local data



What are the steps necessary with AcuXDBC to get it to connect to local data?


After installing AcuXDBC the steps to take to access data on the local machine are the follows:

1)  Ensure that GENESIS_HOME is set in the environment pointing to the base directory where AcuXDBC is installed and where the acuxdbc.cfg file can be found (e.g.: C:\Program Files\Acucorp\Acucbl800\AcuGT ) and the system environment variable PATH points to the directory where AcuXDBC is installed (e.g.: C:\Program Files\Acucorp\Acucbl800\AcuGT\bin )

2)  Check to verify that a license file (xvision.alc) for AcuXDBC exists in the bin directory where AcuXDBC is installed

3)  Execute the demo.bat batch file from a command prompt.  This will setup the basic system catalog that includes the sample data provided with AcuXDBC

4)  On a command prompt execute "asql"

5)  issue the query " select * from pets; "

This should return data from the pets sample data table.  Once this has been done AcuXDBC is setup correctly accessing data on the loacl machine.

At that point modifying the acuxdb.cfg configuration file to change FILE_PREFIX to include the directories where your data files reside can be done.  If the files have a suffix ( .dat, .fil, etc. ) the acuxdbc.cfg file would be modified uncommenting the FILE_SUFFIX variable to specify the correct suffix.  If the files have a .dat extension the entry would look like this:

file_suffix          dat

notice that it does not contain a period before the suffix specification ( dat vs .dat).  It is important to note that all files need to have the same suffix as multiple suffixes are not support by AcuXDBC unless you use multiple acuxdbc.cfg configuration files and point these in separate DSN's.

Once these steps have been completed use the addfile utility to add these files to the system catalog.  The addfile utility can add files to the system catalog individually or in groups.

To add files individually, the command line is:

addfile -x xfd_directory filename

to add a group of files a file with the list of filenames, excluding the suffix, is used:

addfile -x xfd_directory -f file_list

Once the files have been successfully added to the system catalog, executing "asql" from a command line and inputting a query to retrieve data from one of the files should be successful.

It is important to note that when accessing these files/tables via an ODBC DSN that the default username is "system" and the password is "manager".

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