Deploying AcuXDBC Server to end users



What steps should be followed to deploy AcuXDBC Server to end users using Windows clients?


Client side considerations

1) Install the AcuXDBC client on the end users Windows machines

2) Activate the AcuXDBC client licenses

3) Create a DSN to point the AcuXDBC Server

Server side considerations

1) Install AcuXDBC Server on the target server platform

2) Activate the AcuXDBC Server license

3) Modify the AcuXDBC Server configuration file (acuxdbc.cfg by default), if necessary

4) Create a new system catalog or copy an existing* system catalog to the location specified in the AcuXDBC Server configuration file

5) Start AcuXDBC Server

*Note: If an existing system catalog is being copied to another system, please see Knowledge Base Item 25896 or refer to Section 5.3 of the AcuXDBC User's Guide Version 8.0.

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