Oracle error 600 on insert with Acu4GL for Oracle 10g



Acu4GL for Oracle has been running on one server with no errors.  On a new server with Oracle 10g an Oracle error 600 occurs on various inserts.


ORA-00600 is a catch-all for Oracle meaning the error doesn't fit in any other specific error code.  The exact meaning of the error is determined by Oracle support personnel who examine the parameters within square brackets that follow the ORA-00600.  

If the first parameter is [kpofdr-long] this is an error other Acu4GL users have encountered.  It is caused by bug #3612581 in Oracle 10g. Oracle has a patch that can be downloaded to fix it.

If that first parameter is something other than [kpofdr-long] send the information to Oracle for interpretation.

Old KB# 2832
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