Created On:  23 April 2012


Is there a web service available if you wish to interface with your COBOL for extend application?


In order to access a published web service, your COBOL program will need to be able to execute HTTP requests, and, manage XML documents.  To address these two requirements, Micro Focus provides RMNet and XML Extensions for extend.

The RMNet subprogram library ships for free with extend v9.0.0 .  RMNet is an HTTP client for the extend Runtime, and, it allows your COBOL program to make HTTP requests.  The XML Extensions subprogram library, also, ships for free with extend v9.0.0 .  This product will allow you to create XML SOAP requests and import XML SOAP responses.

Attached to this Knowledge Base Article is a zip archive,, that contains a tutorial that describes how to use RMNet and XML Extensions to consume a web service.