Created On:  16 August 2010


A compilation job does not work properly when run in Acubench.  We are getting the output error window showing this message: "Result too large".


This issue was due to a mispelling of the compiler option -o used to locate where the compiled object will be placed. It's possible to use dots in the name of the directories. It can be useful for example to identify different financial years, like:


This can be misunderstood by the compiler if not correctly managed.

A compiler option like: -o c:\directory\directory.2010 can be read by the compiler as the will to generate a file named directory with extension 2010.
As directory.2010 is a directory, the compiler will not accept this command line and will report the error message: "Result too large"

To make compiler to work properly, remember to add the @.extension to the name of the compiled object, like this:
-o c:\directory\directory.2010\@.acu
Incident #2460939