CGI - getting the demo Oscars program running with Apache on Windows.



How to make work the CGI demo Oscars with Apache on Windows.


First you need the runtime installed on the computer with the samples demo folder and Apache installed. My demo was made with Apache 2.2 and AcuCobol GT runtime 8.0 but older versions should work fine.

First of all you should copy header.htm, footer.htm, body.htm and oscars.acu on the cgi-bin folder set-up for Apache. On my example that folder was :

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\cgi-bin

You can copy as well oscars.htm at the location you are going to install html pages, for example on my demo was :

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs

Here, open oscars.htm and modify the POST sentence to reflect your installation :

<FORM method="post" action="http:\\\cgi-bin\oscars.acu">

Open httpd.conf and add the following line of code :

ScriptInterpreterSource registry

This will make Apache look in the registry to associate extensions with programs used to execute it. As we have put a cgi program with extension .acu now we have to verify that the extension has the right parameters.

Go to any folder and there use the menu and go to Tools\Folder Options. On the third TAB you can find « File Types ». Here you have all the extensions and their associations. Look for the .acu extension and modify the OPEN acction with the following code :

"C:\Program Files\Acucorp\Acucbl800\AcuGT\bin\wrun32.exe" -f "%1"

Please modify the path to suit your instalation of the products. The only thing I had to add on my case was the -f part, the rest was the original installation.

Once this done I opened IE and went to the following address :

And I was able to execute the demo correctly (choose the years you want and click on the button.).


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