Created On:  14 October 2010


After installing AcuXDBC version as an update to version 8.1.0, executing a query with Microsoft Access or Excel caused a syntax error to occur.

[TOD][ODBC][GENESIS](pos: 132 '...n cast(? as ^integer} whe...') - syntax error (#-22)

Additionally, in some cases, the syntax error was preceded by the following message box text:

The ordinal 238 could not be located in dynamic link library acme.dll


The syntax error was a result of having more than one version of AcuXDBC in the PATH environment variable, which affects Windows installations only. Removing the extraneous reference in the PATH allowed the query to successfully execute.

Note: Since AcuXDBC and MF XDBC products both use the same DLL files, having both products installed may cause the same error to occur. While both products may be installed on the same machine, only one can be in the PATH.
Incident #2481581