ENTRY-FIELD controls that do not display an upper boarder


This article explains how to avoid having ENTRY-FIELD controls drawn incorrectly in a screen section.


Starting with version 7.2.2 it is possible for ENTRY-FIELDS to be incorrectly displayed without an upper boarder. This behavior is caused by the combination of three events:

  • The upgrade to runtime 7.2.2 from a previous version.
  • A vertical size (LINES property) of the ENTRY-FIELD that is very thin (for example, less than 0,75 pixel or less than 1,10 cells).
  • The ENTRY-FIELD is right justified using RIGHT property or using JUSTIFY_NUM_FIELDS environment variable set to TRUE.


There are several solutions to avoiding this behavior.

One solution is to modify the code by resizing all the involved ENTRY-FIELDs. The amount of work that would be required in some cases may make this a non-viable solution.

Another approach depends on whether or not the code can be recompiled. If recompiling is an option then use the -C71 compiler option, which tells the compiler to use version 7.1 logic in certain circumstances.

If it is not possible to recompile, set the environment variable V71-ALIGNED-ENTRY-FIELD to a value of 1 or TRUE.

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