Created On:  21 September 2010


Beginning with version 8, unlike previous versions of the ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime, when the bin directory is copied to another Windows machine or a client PC is mapped to the bin directory on a server one of the following or similar errors may occur.

"The system cannot execute the specified program"

“This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.”

A number of Knowledge Base articles have provided explanations for the cause of the errors and provided resolutions for the Version 8 series of runtime, which included contacting SupportLine or downloading files from the SupportLine website. Please see articles 2731, 14870, and 14931 for further details.


Starting in version 9.0, Microsoft.VC80.CRT and Microsoft.VC80.MFC will be included with distribution media in a directory named “BIN-REDIST”. However, these files are not installed during the installation process and must be copied to the runtime installation directory. Please follow the directions for usage outlined in the earlier articles.