Created On:  08 February 2011


Unable to start a server runtime and are receiving the warning message "exceeded licensed number of users".


Diagnostics: This error indicates a licensing restriction or an orphan runtime condition.

To determine the maximum number of licensed AcuRCL users, perform "acurcl -v". To determine the maximum number of licensed runtime users, perform "wrun32 -v" in Windows environments or "runcbl -v" in UNIX environments.

On UNIX, AcuShare will identify the number of runtime users currently on the system. AcuRCL handles its user count internally. Suppose you own a license for 35 users of the runtime and 15 users of AcuRCL. If you reach the AcuRCL limit with Thin Client connections and perform an "acushare -info" you will see 15 users. In this situation, you are correctly receiving this error due to reaching AcuRCL's license limit, although 20 runtime instances are still available.

In Windows, check the number of runtime users currently on the system using the Task Manager, Process tab.

Orphan runtimes result when a program terminates abnormally. When AcuRCL determines that a socket has closed, it will terminate any runtime process associated with the socket. It assumes that there might be a resulting orphan runtime process under these conditions. Use the command "acurcl -kill -p pid", where PID is the Process Id of the child runtime that was orphaned through abnormal termination, to terminate orphan processes.