Created On:  12 December 2012


When a .Net control is local on the same computer where the Runtime is executing there is no error.  But when the .Net control is on another computer and accessed remotely via either UNC notation or a mapped drive the version 9.1.1 Runtime crashes with a memory access violation.  With 8.1.x runtime there is no crash - everything works as expected.


Version 9.1.1 implemented the .Net 4.0 framework, which has different security than previous versions of the .net framework. In particular, it won't default load an assembly on a remote machine (and in some cases, won't even load one that came from a remote machine, but is now local).

Previous .Net versions did not have such a security restriction which is why earlier Runtime versions do not have a problem.

To allow loading of remote assemblies requires the creation of a .Net configuration filenamed wrun32.exe.config in the same directory as wrun32.exe, with the following contents: 

(Note that if you have renamed the Runtime the configuration file name must correspond.)