NO-TAB graphical control property


This articles describes how to remove the NO-TAB graphical control property.


When a screen has several entry fields and the user needs to skip some fields. The program can set the 'NO-TAB' property on the desired fields using 'MODIFY' and it works properly. However, there is no way to reverse the 'NO-TAB' setting without exiting the screen. There is not an ON/OFF or TRUE/FALSE setting for the NO-TAB property.


The only way to remove the NO-TAB property from a control is to destroy the control and redisplay it without specifying the NO-TAB style.

Also, if the purpose is to avoid stopping in an specific control, users can use the ENABLE property. Turning off this property will do the trick. This property can be turned on at runtime with the MODIFY verb.

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Old KB# 14262
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