Created On:  04 November 2010


When using Remote Desktop to run an ACUCOBOL-GT program on a Windows 2008 Terminal Server the print file using SPOOLER-DIRECT doesn't print.  There are no error messages but nothing comes out of the printer.  Printing using SPOOLER does print as expected.


Terminal Services Easy Print was introduced with Windows Server 2008. It is a proxy for every print action that simply redirects all printing-related work to the user's local machine without the need to install any print drivers on the Terminal Services server.  The client PC's printers are exposed to programs running on the server and are identified with "(redirected 3)" when viewing the printers available.  In that example the 3 is the Terminal Services session id.

The Easy Print driver creates a print file in XPS format, then transfers it to the client PC where it is printed. 

SPOOLER-DIRECT will not work with Terminal Services Easy Print.  This is expected behavior and is due to the design of Easy Print.  With SPOOLER-DIRECT (and -Q printername;DIRECT=ON) the driver is bypassed and writing is done directly to the printer.  Easy Print requires the use of the driver. 

To use SPOOLER-DIRECT in a Remote Desktop environment with Windows 2008 Terminal Server, the printer must be added on the Server.  Then when printing with SPOOLER-DIRECT is desired select that printer rather than the one from the client PC.