Created On:  31 December 2010


A General Socket error is generated because of AcuRCL setup and firewall issues.  Thin Client fails to connect to the server with the error connection failed "general socket error".


If you not using the default port, ensure the port is specified in the acuthin command (e.g. "acuthin server:port alias"). Verify that you are using the correct IP address or server name. Ensure that the Windows service or UNIX daemon is executing on the server by performing "acurcl -info".

On Windows servers, ensure the service is installed by performing "acurcl -query servername". Verify that the client can communicate with the server by doing "ping servername" or "acuthin -p servername:port". If this fails, it would indicate a network configuration problem. Verify that the client can communicate with AcuRCL by performing "acuthin -p servername:port. Ensure that a valid AcuRCL configuration file is available and that the DEFAULT_USER is set.

If the previous checks are successful, check to determine if AcuRCL is generating errors. Stop AcuRCL on the server by performing "acurcl -kill" and restart AcuRCL with a log file "acurcl -start -le trace.log -t 7". Log files are very helpful in diagnosing AcuRCL errors.
Incident #2440203