Version 8 error - wrun32.2lc license missing - but AcuSQL was not installed



The extend 8 Runtime and Acu4GL for MSSQL were installed and when executing a program a window pops up with a message that the wrun32.2lc license is missing.

Wrun32.2lc is the license for the AcuSQL Runtime but that product was not selected during install.

How can the Runtime be stopped from displaying that message?


There is a defect with the Version 8.0 installation which caused it to install an extra dll, one for AcuSQL.  At execution the Runtime sees the dll, checks for the license, then displays the message  about the missing license.

The solution is to navigate to the bin directory of your extend 8 installation and delete asqlsrvr.dll.

Old KB# 3103
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