ActiveX controls - MapPoint and Window focus



A window that contains a screen with the MapPoint ActiveX control on it becomes the one on top even though the MapPoint window is in a thread waiting for the current thread to end. However, the window for the current thread still is the focused window (the title bar is not grayed out).


A possible workaround would be to set the properties of the MapPoint ActiveX control directly to set the MapPoint floating window action to action-minimize instead of covering it over with another floating window and subsequently restoring it when required. However, there have been reports in the Internet regarding window focus issues with Visual Basic and Delphi with non-modal windows. Please see the following URLs for details. 02e1-2734-4194-af7f-293e96be9de5&cat=en_US_80e08708-02ae-4235-8163-15f73f6eb041&lang=en&cr=US&sloc=&a mp;p=1

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