Created On:  20 June 2011


How do you print Barcodes using AcuCobol?


The best option is to get hold of a barcode font. If you install this on a computer, activate it in your application, you can just send the normal sequence of characters to the printer (provided you go via the spooler) and the font will care for the rest, simple, efficient and neat. A barcode font may be purchased or obtained for free. Search on the internet for font and barcode.

Requirements in order to print using a barcode font:

1.  Print via the spooler.
2.  Install the barcode font.
3.  Load the barcode font using the W$FONT routine.
4.  Make the barcode font active using WINPRINT-SET-FONT.
5.  Send the character sequence to the printer.  The font driver will then translate this into the barcode.