Question about ACU Thin Client orphaned runtimes



Sometimes the runtime process is orphaned on the server and has to be removed manually. Is there any alternate way to clean or prevent this?


Use the TC_CHECK_ALIVE_INTERVAL configuration variable to set a time interval in seconds (a value between 1 and 32767) during which the server runtime checks for client activity. This activity can be either regular client user interaction or, if the user interface is inactive, two "ping" messages sent by the client during the defined interval. If no client activity of any kind occurs during a particular interval, the server runtime process exits. Setting this variable to "0" disables the client activity check feature. The default value is "300" (5 minutes). TC_SERVER_TIMEOUT

This variable lets you determine how many seconds (from 0 to 32767) the client waits for a response from the server. If the client receives no response from the server in the specified time period, the following message box appears:

The remote host is not responding.

Press OK to close this program.

Press Cancel to wait another %s seconds.

where "%s" is the value of TC_SERVER_TIMEOUT. The default value is "20".

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