Error with Acu4GL for MSSQL - Invalid character value for cast specification



When executing a write on one specific table MSSQL raises an error "Invalid character value for cast specification" and the program halts with file status 9D,00


The error occurs when the data does not match the database definition for that column.  Specifically in this case the problem was due to a file that contained multiple record formats.  

To correctly handle multiple record formats add the WHEN directive to the FD to cause the XFD to be generated in a way that the database will recognize multiple record formats.  For example, the following file definition has three distinct record formats each identified by a separate WHEN directive:


      $XFD WHEN REC-01-TYPE<5

       01  REC-01.

           03  REC-01-KEY       PIC 9(10).

           03  REC-01-TYPE      PIC 9.

           03  REC-01-DATA-01   PIC 9(5).

           03  REC-01-DATA-02   PIC X(45).

      $XFD WHEN REC-01-TYPE=5

       01  REC-02.

           03  REC-02-KEY       PIC 9(10).

           03  REC-02-TYPE      PIC 9.

           03  REC-02-DATA-01   PIC 9(5).

           03  REC-02-DATA-02   PIC X(2).

           03  REC-02-DATA-03   PIC 9(3).

           03  REC-02-DATA-04   PIC X(40).


       01  REC-03.

           03  REC-03-KEY       PIC 9(10).

           03  REC-03-TYPE      PIC 9.

           03  REC-03-DATA      PIC X(50).

In this example when REC-01-TYPE is 0,1, 2, 3, or 4 the first record layout applies, when it is 5 the second record layout applies, and for all other values the third record layout applies.

Refer to Section  of the AcuCOBOL-GT User's Guide for complete information on the WHEN directive.

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