OEM font special characters not displaying correctly


This article explains what to do if OEM font special characters don't display correctly in Microsoft Access or Excel.


When reading from a file in which data was written using OEM font information (usually from an old DOS character-based system), special characters like $ and £ do not display correctly in Microsoft Access and Excel. The special characters display correctly, however, when using the AcuXDBC utilities asql or odbcsql. Previously, AcuODBC had an option that allowed the character set to be chosen (ANSI or OEM); this option is not available in AcuXDBC.


AcuXDBC does not have the character map functionality that AcuODBC had. The resolution to this issue is to convert the OEM font data to ANSI font data, which will display correctly in Windows-based business intelligence tools.

Old KB# 14512
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