Vista Shared Directories



If you have a directory shared between two Win Vista, it's possible to have locked records and clients that hangs up waiting for the records to be released.

This is the scenario:

- The server is locking a file, while it's reading it.

- the client tries to read the same file, with LOCK function, and it hungs, waiting for an answer from the server.


It seems there's a bug in Win Vista itself (strange thing, isn't it?) (in google "disable smb2 vista" )

The bug is in protocol SMB2, that is automatically turned on when there's only Vistas in the network.

In the URL you will find how to disable SMB2.

Run REGEDIT on the server.

- Navigate to find the key:


create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value called SMB2 with value = 0.

Exit REGEDIT and reboot the server.

After this, don't forget to disable opportunistic locks both on server and clients.

Old KB# 2750
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