AcuCobol Vision 2 files



We are trying to rebuild a newly created Vision 5 file into version 2 and getting the following error: - "Unsupported operation"


In this case the reason you can't rebuild the Vision 5 file is because the second key has more than one key segment. Vision 2 only allows a single segment per key.

If the runtime still actually supports Vision 2 files you can set V-VERSION to 2, and write a COBOL program to read the Vision 5 file and write to a newly created vision file. Because V-VERSION is 2, the newly created file will be vision 2, while the runtime will just open the vision 5 file as a vision 5 file.

Vision 2 is the original version of our file system, distributed with ACU versions 1.x.

Vision 2 is not compatible between machines, so if for example you FTP a vision 2 file from a Solaris machine to a Windows machine, the Windows runtime would consider it corrupt. In fact, vision 2 is not compatible between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the same operating system. In other words, if you created a vision 2 file with a 32-bit Windows runtime, and tried to access it with a 64-bit Windows runtime 'on the same machine', the 64-bit Windows runtime would consider it corrupt. (We actually experienced this back in the day when we were moving from 16-bit DOS and Windows to 32-bit Windows.)

The recommendation is to at least use Vision 3 files and preferably 5.

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