AcuXDBC server as a Windows Service


How can AcuXDBC Server be set up as a Windows Service?


When the server is rebooted, the AcuXDBC Server is killed and must be restarted manually. How can it be configured to run as a Windows Service?


AcuXDBC Server does not currently have built-in capability to run as a Windows Service. That functionality may be added in a future release.

In the meantime, here is a Microsoft KB article detailing how to set up any .exe file as a Windows Service:

Such user-defined services cannot run a batch file — it must be an .exe file. Normally, AcuXDBC Server is started from a batch file, acuxdbcs.bat, by issuing the command "acuxdbcs -start".

Examining the acuxdbcs.bat file reveals that the "-start" option results in execution of the xdbcsrvr command. The details for this command are found in the section 5.7, "Starting AcuXDBC Server," of the AcuXDBC User's Guide.

The user-defined service must be set up to execute the xdbcsrvr command (rather than the acuxdbcs command). The command can be simply "xdbcsrvr", which will start it on the default port of 20222. Or the other options detailed in section 5.7 may be added to the command if desired.

Setting up AcuXDBC Server as a service is only one way to ensure that it starts when the server is rebooted. Another method that accomplishes the same thing is to create a Windows Scheduled Task to execute the batch command "acuxdbcs -start", and schedule it to run at system startup.

Old KB# 14237
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