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ACUCOBOL-GT options for mobile computing


How can a PDA running Windows Mobile technologies best be utilized? Perhaps by connecting to a LAN using a wireless router and run thin client on the PDA?. Could this then run programs from the server accessing files to perform validation and write transaction data to the server? However, if the AcuThin files are copied to the PDA, and the application is launched, the message "'Acuthin' is not a valid Pocket PC application" is encountered. Is it possible to run Thin Client from a PDA?


Acucobol-GT can be used as a back-end for this type of solution; however, it is not quite as easy as installing Thin Client on a Pocket PC.

You can use the following technologies as part of a mobile computing strategy:

  • ACUCOBOL-GT Common Gateway Interface (CGI) language extensions
  • ACUCOBOL-GT runtime and Short Message Service (SMS) processing

For an overview, see A Guide to Interoperating with ACUCOBOL-GT Chapter 8: Accessing ACUCOBOL-GT Applications from Mobile Devices > 8.1 Overview of Mobile Computing for an explanation and discussion of this topic. The Sample Mobile Solution specifically mentions Pocket PCs.

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