Compatibility Directives File


Modernization projects are created with a directives.dir file.   This file provides a set of Visual COBOL directives to more closely approximate the legacy COBOL compilation and run-time.   Almost all of the directives are to add or remove reserved words.  

Users may find that they need to adjust these directives for their system.   For example, if your code uses METHOD as a data item name, the first time you create modernization tasks you will get a manual serious error task.

Reserved word used as data name or unknown data description qualifier.  Is a reserved word being used as a data item? 

To proceed you may either rename the data item through out your system or remove METHOD as a reserved word in the directives.dir file.


We suggest the latter option.  Insert a remove(METHOD) directive in the directives.dir file.  Delete all of the *.KenlyGen.xml and *.KenlyErr.xml files from your project directory.   Then recreate your task store.   The new compilation will treat METHOD as a data item and not a reserved word.


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