AcuBench continues to build after stop build issued



If an invalid character is inadvertantly placed in column 7 and the workspace is built, the project will continue to be built even if "stop build" has been issued.  Each error encountered will continue to generate many lines of output in the build window until every program in the workspace has been processed.  For large projects this may take several minutes.  This problem was encountered with AcuBench versions 6.2 and 7.0.


Install AcuBench and development system version 7.2.0 or newer.  

Due to the amount of time the build process could consume, for versions prior to 7.2.0, it may be desirable to force the process to be interrupted instead of waiting for the cycle to complete. This may be done by using the Windows Task Manager to end the process for ccbl32.exe.

Old KB# 2657
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