Created On:  28 November 2011


Using AcuBench 9.0.1 there is an error reported when compiling:
"Compiled screen description too large"

Is there a compiler option to get around this error? What is the limit for a screen description? How can I tell how large a compiled screen description is?


There is no compiler option to allow a screen description to be larger than the limit, which is 32k. 

To determine how large the screens are compile with a full listing and examine the Screen Section items to see how big the screens are.  That is add the “-Lfo @.lst” compile option then check the .lst file for the screen sizes.  Each 01 level screen item may not be larger than 32k.

If it seems the limit is only exceeded by a small amount then there may be a workaround.  Remove some of the properties from some of the controls in the screen section until it compiles.  Then in the procedure division after the screen is displayed, modify those controls to set those properties that were removed from the screen section.