Created On:  31 January 2013


How to setup AcuRuntime to work with Oracle pro*cobol pre-processor on a linux platform? Is a relink of the runtime necessary?

Any possible attempt to relink AcuRuntime 9.1 returns errors such as:
"direct.c:158: error: redefinition of 'LIBDIRECT'
direct.c:109: error: previous definition of 'LIBDIRECT' was here"

Any attempt to launch AcuRuntime without relink returns an error such as:
"program missing or inaccessible"


To have the AcuRuntime operating with pro*cobol, there's no need to relink the runtime. Two solutions are available:

set LD_LIBARY_PATH in the environment to the LIB directory path of the Oracle installation
i.e.: /opt/oracle/OracleBase/product/11gR1/client/lib

Then preload the library using the -y runtime switch.
i.e.: runcbl -y -c .... prog

add the following variables in the /ect/cblconfi file:
SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX  /opt/oracle/OracleBase/product/11gR1/client/lib

Then launch the runtime as usual (no need to preload with -y):
i.e.: runcbl -c .... prog

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