Error Linking with Database Connector Module: Unresolved External Symbol _ACUFH


This article explains what you can do when you get this error.


When compiling to ".exe" and attempting to link the new Database Connector EXTFH module, ACUFH.dll, this error is seen: unresolved external symbol _ACUFH.


The initial release of Database Connectors did not come with a way to link to the ACUFH.dll. Future versions will include ACUFH.lib, the import library for ACUFH.dll, allowing COBOL programs to be linked.

In the meantime, use "int" or "gnt" level code for execution.

It is also possible to create your own ACUFH.lib by creating a dummy ACUFH.dll with Visual Studio and having a single export (ACUFH).

Incident Number: 2279117

Old KB# 14286
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